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My name is John Brock, the owner of Edge of X Web Designs.

I live in Pinehurst, NC. I grew up in this county, the son of two educators. I was a good student but most of my interest were outside of school. I was heavily involved in scouting, I got my Eagle Scout Honor when I was 14. I later became even more involved with the Order of the Arrow, a service organization within scouting. When I was 17, I was awarded the Vigil Honor, a recognition given to only 2% of the lodge each year.

I had an Apple Computer IIc when I was a teen, and I tinkered in languages like apple basic and some Pascal. But computers were just a small hobby for me. When I graduated High School I had no idea what I wanted to be. I went to Sandhills Community College. My sophomore year I became interested in psychology, so I transferred to UNC at Chapel Hill to see what I could make of it. My senior year I realized that psychology was just not for me, but I still had no idea what I wanted to be. To be fair, Al Gore "invented" the Internet my senior year, so its not like Web Designer was an option.

I spent the next eight years doing jobs along side people who did not have a Bachelors degree. I worked in a couple of pizza places and at the Pinehurst Country Club. While working at Pinehurst, I discovered two things that changed my life, the Internet and a girl from Arkansas who would later become my wife.

I went back to Sandhills part-time to get my A.A.S. in Computer Engineering, but soon the number of classes I could take at night was becoming an issue. I started to take Internet Technologies classes and I kind of slid into that degree in a very out-of-order style. I quickly became noticed by my instructors for my programming skills, and before I graduated I was teaching several classes for the curriculum, mainly Web Programming (Coldfusion) and Internet Multimedia (Flash).

I got a part-time Internship for Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) doing 5 websites for commercial clients. About this time is when I formed Edge of X. I was doing a web site for a local Band called Tobacco Trailer Blues, but a co-worker at CTC also hired me to make a series of small e-commerce sites to sell things like cable boxes, patio furniture and even some historical dolls.

CTC was a non-profit that dealt in government contracts, and the contract that kept them in the state expired, so our office closed. For a while I was still employed but eventually I stopped my employment.

Through an instructor at the college I got a job as a web programmer at a small company called Paradynamic Shift LLC. The second week I was there we changed the name to PDS LLC. We were a tech company with one client called Net Results Inc. We built software to import wireline telecom data from different carriers into a uniformed platform to assist clients in paying their bills and analyzing their cost. We were an outsourced telecom bill-paying department.

Over the next 14 years, PDS LLC was purchased by Net Results Inc. We went through a series of mergers and we became one of the more recognized names in the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Industry. We evolved with the industry, especially as wireless technology emerged. I spent most of my time as the lead web developer of Foresight™, a Internet application that our clients used to manage and procure wireless services in a way that was tailored to thier companies business rules. One of my most rewarding experiences was working proactively with the client to find solutions that met their business rules.


John Brock - Edge of X Web Designs

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